The Power of Giving

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The Power of Giving
The Power of Giving

John Wesley hit the nail on the head when he said:

“Gain all you can; save all you can; give all you can.”

There is so much to think about in that simple outline.

Gain all you can. Do your best to succeed in life. Don’t be content to settle for mediocrity. It’s not just okay, it’s good to be ambitious and follow your dreams with passion. Your dreams don’t have to be about succeeding in areas that make a lot of money. The amount of money isn’t the important thing. It’s doing the best we can to fulfill our calling and purpose in life.

Save all you can. Wesley wasn’t telling us to put everything we make into a savings account and hoard it all. He wasn’t encouraging selfishness. He was telling us to be wise spenders. Don’t squander what you’ve worked hard to earn. Look for a good deal. Don’t throw money around. Protect it. Why? That’s what comes next.

Give all you can. When you succeed, it’s not just about you and it’s not just for you. Realize you’ve been blessed to help others do the same. The world is a better place through the power of generosity. Two lives are always changed when you give: Yours and the person you have given to. When you help someone get a fresh start and succeed in life, your blessings are multiplied. That’s the power of giving.

Bottom line, God has been so generous with you and me, most of all through giving His Son on our behalf, it is impossible to not give back to Him and others. We can never give as much as God has given us, but we still are privileged to experience a special happiness and power when we give all we can.