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Changing lives.

Making an eternal impact on kids.

Reaching out and helping “the least of these.”

The Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes (TBCH) provides more than a temporary bandage to a broken situation. TBCH ministers to the hearts of children who are in desperate situations. They view their work as ministry and see to it that each child is introduced to the love and hope found in relationship with Jesus Christ.

In a few weeks, my wife, Denise, and I will host a very special invitation-only fundraising event at our home. The ShinnDig for Kids is one way that we’ve committed to help this remarkable organization serve children in their greatest time of need.

As a former owner of professional sports teams and other businesses, I have been very blessed. As Denise and I moved recently to Tennessee, we were inspired to begin thinking about giving back to our community. So, we started researching worthy causes and organizations.

When TBCH was mentioned, I was cautiously intrigued. Let me ask you, when you think of a “children’s home,” what picture comes to your mind?

I’ll be honest with you. I think of cinder block walls, bunk beds, and community showers.

But, I couldn’t have been more surprised when I toured one of the group homes that TBCH operates.

It was vibrant and full of life— a real family atmosphere where a husband-wife team lives with the children. We saw love and devotion being poured into these kids of diverse ethnic groups and backgrounds. When we visited, we got to see first-hand how special the ordinariness of life—through tasks like doing homework and setting the table—contributes to the stability and productivity of these kids and their futures.

Denise and I knew that we had to become part of this organization. It wasn’t long before we had planned the ShinnDig event and started finding other ways in which we could help.

I’d love for you, too, to take a minute to look at TBCH. Maybe you’re like I was and have your own ideas about what it’s like to live in a children’s home. I’d encourage you to spend some time getting to know TBCH through their website and social media channels.

I know you’ll find what Denise and I have found—a remarkable group of people doing great things in kids’ lives!

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