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The GEORGE SHINN FOUNDATION is inspired by the teachings of Christ and committed to improving the lives of those in need through education and the sharing of resources to address basic human needs.

For 501 (c)(3) organizations interested in applying for a grant need first to send a brief letter of inquiry. The letter should succinctly describe the organization and the proposed project, specify and briefly explain its relevance to the George Shinn Foundation’s purpose and initiative, and provide an estimate of the funds that would be requested.

Our staff will review the letter of inquiry and respond to the organization regarding the project’s relevance to our focus areas. If, based on the letter of inquiry, the project appears to match our funding criteria and priorities, the applicant may be invited to submit a formal grant proposal and budget. An applicant should NOT submit a formal grant proposal until such an invitation is received.


All letters of inquiry should be addressed to:
725 Cool Springs Blvd. Ste 600
Franklin, TN 37064

We receive many more solicited grant proposals than we can fund. The invitation to submit a formal grant proposal does not mean that funding will be approved. Also keep in mind, many of our grant proposals are decided upon and approved by our president and staff early in the calendar year.