An Opportunity to Make a Difference Through Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes

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Many of you know my background and my story of growing up in poverty. My father died when I was 9 years old.

I’ll be honest. My mom and I barely scraped by financially. But for all our lack of material possessions, we had an enormous amount of faith that kept us going. My mother poured her belief and optimism into me so that I could (and did) go on to get an education and become a successful businessman, leader, and entrepreneur.

Had it not been for my mother, I’m not sure where I’d be today.

That’s one reason why I have such a heart for today’s kids who may also be growing up in similar situations. What about those whose parents have died, abandoned them, or cannot care for them because they are addicted to drugs and/or are in jail? What will become of these children?

I have discovered an incredible organization that serves thousands of abandoned and neglected children. It’s my pleasure to introduce them to you.

Tennessee Baptist Children’s Homes (TBCH) is 123 years old, and because they are committed to Christian ministry to the kids they serve, does not receive any funds from the government. TBCH operates five residences across the state for kids who have been removed from family crisis situations. They have also just begun offering foster care services.

TBCH is changing lives by intervening when these vulnerable kids need it most.

When my wife, Denise, and I first heard about TBCH, we immediately knew this was a ministry with which we wanted to be involved.

We’ve partnered with TBCH this year in a couple of unique ways. This spring, some of the boys who reside at the TBCH ranch home in Millington, Tennessee, came and helped out around our home. The boys cleared riding trails, the back pasture, and exercised our horses around the riding ring. We were most appreciative of the extra hands for the tasks. We’ve also donated two miniature donkeys to the TBCH ranch, so that the boys can continue receiving the benefits of ongoing responsibility and caretaking for the animals.

Next month, Denise and I are hosting a private, invitation-only fundraising event at our home, all to benefit TBCH. Guests will enjoy live music, good food, and have the opportunity to meet some of the kids served by TBCH. We are delighted to extend the TBCH story to our broader circle of colleagues and acquaintances. I am thrilled to introduce more of my friends to TBCH so that they, too, can speak into the lives of thousands of kids through this extraordinary ministry.

And that’s really the purpose of this post today. I want to invite you, my friend, to get to know TBCH. During the next few weeks, I’ll tell you more about TBCH and ways that my foundation is supporting their efforts and outreach.

Please discover TBCH for yourself!

Visit their website, subscribe to their newsletter (sign up form at the bottom of the home page), and follow them on social media (links below). I encourage you to make an investment in the lives of Tennessee’s children through TBCH.