A Christmas Blessing for a Family in Need

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Yesterday, we were able to share some Christmas cheer with Christina Reeves and her family. Christina was recently injured in a car wreck while trying to help her family make ends meet. When I saw news coverage about her accident and resulting injuries from crashing her Jeep into a ravine earlier this month, I felt compelled to present her with a practical gift that would help this young mother and her entire family.

Through our Foundation, Denise and I teamed up with Darrell Waltrip and Darrell Waltrip Motors in Franklin, TN, to present the Reeves family with a new SUV after her release from the hospital.

Seeing this young mother and her family going through trying times during the holidays really tore at my heart. I wanted to do something to help make life a little easier for them.

Reeves wrecked her car on winding River Road west of Nashville after working late one evening at the family floor and tile business. Working additional hours to help keep the family business going became a necessity after her husband broke his foot. In addition, Reeves has three children, the youngest being only 6 months. The toll of working extra hours and taking care of her children and husband caught up to her that night and she fell asleep at the wheel. She crawled out of the Jeep’s broken windshield despite broken ribs, a broken femur, a broken kneecap, partially collapsing lungs and lacerations to her face. Robert Ballow, who lived near the site of the crash, heard her cries for help about 1 a.m. and stayed with her in the 18-degree wintry weather until help arrived.

Denise and I were also able to bless them with some additional funds in order to help out a bit with this family of five’s expenses.

Local news coverage included a story on Nashville ABC affiliate WKRN and The Tennessean who were able to share Christina’s story with a caring Nashville community.

More photos of the event are posted in our photo gallery here.